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About the Book

Practical insights to make index investing a real success story

Beyond Smart Beta is the definitive guide to using index investing to enhance your active portfolio management. Deep analysis and illustrative clarification from an author team recognized as thought-leaders and accomplished practitioners in the industry explores the full selection of exchange-traded products (ETPs). They discuss the risks and paybacks related to a variety of indexing approaches and share an insightful view on next-generation methods evolving in the marketplace. Dozens of charts and tables offer visual examples of the concepts covered throughout, all of which aim to give you a firmer grasp on the mechanics and practices behind ETP. Numerous practical examples give special attention to some critical facts about indexes that even seasoned traders and investors overlook.

Everything you should know, in one place

The book's content is designed for financial professionals including CIOs, investment advisors (RIA), portfolio managers, finance academics and sophisticated private investors:

• Assess the current landscape and the anatomy of ETFs/ETPs
• Understand ETP handling, costs, trading, and investment
• Evaluate the pros and cons of next-generation indexing approaches
• Get Insights about current portfolio management trends and challenges of factor investing
• Avoid risk while incorporating indices and passive instruments into an active portfolio management strategy

Beyond Smart Beta – Index Investment Strategies for Active Portfolio Management | ISBN-13: 978-1119315247 | ISBN-10: 1119315247 | Section: Advanced Investment Management Knowledge | Covered Markets: Americas, Europe, Asia | Readership Level: Intermediate - Well-balanced contents | #beyondsmartbeta #investment #etf #smartbeta #factorinvesting

About the Authors

Joint forces of well-known experts

Beyond Smart Beta was created and authored by three profound investment experts. All of them demonstrated an extraordinary ability in advanced investment topics, financial product development and portfolio management strategies. Read the latest reviews here.

Gökhan Kula, Connect
Chartered Financial Analyst™, Financial Risk Manager™

Read more about Gökhan and his bio here.

Martin Raab, Connect
Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst™

Read more about Martin and his bio here.

Sebastian Stahn, Connect
Chartered Financial Analyst™

Read more about Sebastian and his bio here.

Latest Reviews

"A very timely book that will help demystify the often misunderstood world of smart beta."

Michael John Lytle

Original co-founder of Source ETF; currently an independent business strategist in London/UK.

"With the continuing explosion of ETFs, investors need a way of understanding all of the options being thrown at them. This book provides a great summary of how index investments can be a crucial part of the toolkit."

Lee Kranefuss

Founder and co-Chairman at 55 Capital Partners, "Father of ETFs", San Francisco/CA

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